Bayview BE3 Boulevard project

The landscape design plan for the Princess St and Needham St boulevards (BE3) submission with the City of Nanaimo after Community Input Process 2017.


MyCDC proposes three phases for the development and implementation of the BE³ Boulevard (Bayview Edible Educational Ecosystem) project. See details as the three phases are completed below. To see the full submission with the City of Nanaimo MyCDC is working on follow this link: BE3Boulevard MyCDC Bayview Partnership

Phase 1: Participatory Design Sessions (March-October, 2017) 

This phase included multiple design sessions to identify and confirm the project site and identify needs and desires as well as concerns, involving the relevant stakeholders and experts including parents, school staff, district representatives, students, city representatives, landscape designers, and builders.  This phase included educational workshops along with collaborative design sessions to develop a detailed plan for each installation.  Student engagement is critical in this phase to capitalize on the place-based experiential education opportunities.

  • COMPLETE April, Professional Development Training and Food Forest site visit with Bayview Educators
  • COMPLETE May, 4 Parent and Community Input design charettes
  • COMPLETE September, present DRAFT Design Map to Bayview students and PAC for input
  • IN PROGRESS October, present FINAL DRAFT Design Map to Bayview students, City of Nanaimo and Bayview PAC for approval

The objectives of this phase are:

  • To develop a detailed design, implementation, and maintenance plan for the project site as per dedicated partnerships requirements and approval
  • To engage stakeholders in the project design, fostering community connections and a sense of ownership in the project

Output: Landscape design drawings and schematics for the proposed site.

Phase 2: Community-based Project Installation (November, 2017 – March, 2018)

Through a community development approach, this phase builds on existing community strengths, engages students in hands-on learning, and cultivates a sense of stewardship over the project.

  • IN PROGRESS November, To organize, promote and document a public workparty as well as private class-based workparty activities to install the trees and round 1 acquired plants along the approved project site
  • To work with the City (appropriate personnel) to confirm designs for physical installations are met and prepared for installation at appropriate time/before June 2018 (benches, signs, etc.)
  • Plant appropriate plants during the fall and spring to maximize success of plants and minimize water demand

The objectives of this phase are:

  • Provide youth with experiential learning opportunities in the installation of the project
  • To build on existing community strengths and develop local capacity to maintain and expand the project in the future
  • To create an open, safe, fun, and educational environment for youth to connect, engage and develop

Output: Installation of the landscape design elements along the project site.

Phase 3: Collaborative Maintenance (April – June, 2018)

Once the landscape designs have been installed, a maintenance and succession plan will be implemented to ensure ongoing care and vitality of the project sites.

  • To organize, promote and document a public workparty as well as private class-based workparty activities to decorate and further implement annual plantings and art work within the BE³ Boulevard project site
  • Grand Opening of the BE³ Boulevard as a City of Nanaimo Park with interpretive signage and celebration street party

The objectives of this phase are:

  • To officially open the BE³ Boulevard site as a City of Nanaimo Park (in partnership with MyCDC)
  • To empower individuals and groups with the skills needed to maintain the BE³ Boulevard site

Output: BE³ Boulevard Maintenance Plan.

Phase 4: Collaborative Maintenance (2018-2021)

After initial planting, continued maintenance and replacement of plants (that naturally don’t take root or go missing) is required. MyCDC is committed to partner with this City location for three years to host annual workparties for weeding, soil building and planting diversity.

The objectives of this phase are:

  • To promote the development of an integrated place-based curriculum for the project sites, including third party community organizations supporting the facilitation and management of these activities (eg. MyCDC, Foodshare Nanaimo and other community groups)
  • To present a successful example of alternative boulevard developments suitable for other areas within The City of Nanaimo