Departure Bay Eco-School Grounds Design Project

MyCDC proposes three phases for the development and implementation of the Departure Bay Eco-School Grounds Design Project:

Phase 1: Community Participatory Design


This phase will likely be separated into multiple community participation sessions with relevant stakeholders and experts such as parents, school staff, district representatives, students, architects, representatives from other similar projects etc.  This phase is just as much about educating all stake holders on the importance of place based, experiential, outdoor/environmental/sustainability education as it is about producing a design plan.  Steps include: (1) Gather information and support; (2) Development of the design plan; (3) Feedback on the draft design plan; (4) Approval of final design plan

The objectives of this phase are:

  • To develop the Departure Bay Eco-School Grounds Design through a participatory process
  • To keep stakeholders informed about project development and plan
  • To gather support from stakeholders and community

Output: The Departure Bay Eco-School Design Map and Plan. Phase 1 includes the application for funding for the next phase.

Phase 2: Community-based Project Installation


Using a community development approach, this phase is ideal to build on existing community strengths, engage students educationally as well as build local capacity.  Diversity and inclusion will be key concepts, in addition to starting small, producing results and then building on successes.  We hope to build curriculum concurrently for each aspect of the installation of the design to include students from the beginning.

The objectives of this phase are:

  • To install in a step wise fashion  as to not outpace the capacity to integrate the space into school operations aspects of the eco-school ground’s design.
  • Provide multiple educational opportunities for youth
  • To build on existing community strengths and promote local capacity building
  • To create an open, safe, fun and  most important educational environment for youth to connect and develop all aspects of their person.

Output:  The Departure Bay Eco-school grounds

Phase 3: Departure Bay Eco-school Collaborative Maintenance

Once the site has been developed and installed, a maintenance plan will need to be created and implemented for the continual care of the site.

The objectives of this phase are:

  • To identify individual and/or groups responsible for regular site maintenance including youth, district employees, community members and school staff
  • To train responsible individuals and/or groups on basic site maintenance.
  • Develop and integrated place based curriculum around the many features of the school grounds
  • To create a plan for future funding needs and support

Output: Departure Bay-Eco School Maintenance Plan and Placed based eco-curriculum