South End Community Food Forest


In partnership with the South End Community Association (SECA) and the Samaritan House, MyCDC designed and is in the process of helping to implement a plan to convert a vacant lot into the first public food forest in Nanaimo. The plan includes three phases for the development and implementation of the South End Livingston Community Food Forest:

Phase 1: Public Participatory Design
(Completed in 2014)

This phase was separated into four public participation sessions with relevant stakeholders identified by the South End Community Association and the Samaritan House:

  1. Gather information and support;
  2. Development of the Plan;
  3. Feedback on the Draft Plan;
  4. Approval of Final Food Forest Design Plan & Map

Phase 2: Community-based Project Installation (In Process)

Using a community development approach, this phase is ideal to build on existing community strengths as well as build local capacity and group connections. Diversity and inclusion will be key concepts. We hope to include local schools, Samaritan House clients, ACT clients, as well as other interested groups in the actual physical installation of the green community space as per project plan.

Phase 3: Samaritan House Green Space Collaborative Maintenance (In Process)

Once the site has been developed and installed, a maintenance plan will need to be created and implemented for the continual care of the site.